Raschel bags

KARATZIS S.A. is the market leader of Raschel bags in the world offering the widest range of products across the Globe.


Raschel bags on rolls are suitable for the automatic packaging of fresh produce. Potatoes and onions are the main crops to pack using Raschel bags on rolls, but also citrus, cabbage, corn, carrots, and other crops can be packed successfully.


Raschel bags on rolls are an economic, efficient and effective packaging solution, designed to maintain the freshness of the produce. They provide excellent ventilation which prevents the built-up of moisture inside the package. They are compatible with large labels application a fact that makes advertising and/or communication easy and appealing. Available in many different colors and combinations to enhance the content or to identify products and producers.

Main characteristics

  • High tensile-strength and excellent tear-resistance
  • Environmental friendly (100% recyclable)
  • Latest process technology ensuring low- or no-stretch of the fabrics
  • No toxic fumes when bags are hot-sealed or cut
  • Guaranteed zero-faults rolls
  • User-friendly soft packaging
  • All colors used are certified heavy-metal-free and approved to come in contact with food
  • Carry-handles available on request
  • Large variety of colors and combinations
  • Wide range of application also in non-food items (firewood, toys, etc.)
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