Christmas tree netting

The modern, safe, convenient and affordable way of packaging real Christmas trees. Wrapping and protecting Christmas trees, using our strong tubular polyethylene netting, gives great advantages and savings for the grower, distributor, retailer and the families who buy them.



  • Netting helps to keep the tree clean after harvesting.
  • Netting can cut transportation costs by over 50%.
  • Netted trees are easier to handle and easier to load.
  • Netting gives maximum protection and prevents damages to branches and tops.
  • Netting helps identification and reduces warehouse space.
  • Netting increases security on retail lots where trees are re-netted at the payment point- and trees not netted are not paid for.
  • Netting trees at the retail lot can give extra profit, or the service can be offered as a “free goodwill gesture”.


  • Netting their own trees allows families to join in the fun and cuts down on retail staffing levels.
  • Netting will help preserve the beauty of the tree and make it easier to handle and transport by car.
  • Netting trees, once home, are moved easily through doorways, without scratching woodwork or paintwork.
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